Hello. It would be nice to add the feature:

-unlimited duel: were players can used banned and limited cards for free (obviously limited to 3 for each card) , just for fun? i used to play with a "regular" deck and also "unregular" deck with banned cards. i think that the players can have the possibility to choice whatever they want play, it is also sad that we cant use some nice cards? obviously these type of duel dont affect to ranking or something like that, just for fun

-shadow game: what do you think? shadow games like the anime? it would be funny

-artificial intelligence script: a download section where players can download various script of different artificial intelligence, maybe very hard to duel, for offline training?

ps: are there developments about artificial intelligence? i think it's a little stupid

let me know what do you think



Erm most of what you have said is in the game.

To play with any card you want host a game on usa/eu servers and rick the boc called Don't Check Deck then you can use any card you want.

Isn't Shadow Game the same as using Anime cards so use the above method for that.

We already have A.I, admittedly not very hard A.I but people are working on making it better. A.I mode is on the main menu of the game you can not miss it.
I think he's suggesting shadow games were both are at a disadvantage. Like what I had in mind an example is

having a preset Clear World like Speed World it can't be destroyed or removed. And no one can use Clear Monsters.
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