this not a bug report but a request and i hope from ygopro team to answer it, if it's possible

in my case, i find myself using ygopro in AI mode more than multiplayer (i'm not always online), so exept the few decks that are already there, if i try to add new AI_decks, usually it doesn't play well (like destroying you're own cards and using effect in useless times)

since you've changed the way to update ygopro, we don't recieve AI update for new commun used deck and meta

so if it's possible, could you add some competitive deck to AI mode from time to time, that would be lovely

thank you for your hard work [:laugh:]
AI relies on volunteers to help script decks for it, and currently there isn't that many working on it. Snarky is always working on it, but it takes time, and needs more volunteers.
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