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Hello guys, I want to make a Spell/Trap Continous with this effect.
"Monster your opponent controls can only attack a monster you control with the same monster card type. (Normal, Effect, Fusion, Ritual, Synchro, or Xyz.)"

I'm sure this possible to create, BUT I don't know what have to do with this.

I have tried some cards that has the same effect like Ring of Fiendish Power [Anime]. But it just say Fiend-type monster. What I want is a monster card type (Fusion, Synchro, etc.) Or Rairaptor - Rise Falcon [Anime] that can only attack a Special Summoned monster.

I have tried some function like c:GetType(), but I don't know how to make it specific with the monster card type.

I will be apreciated if anyone can help me, or have some scripts like this.

i think toy cards effect would help
like effect of "Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon"
Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon wrote:

Cannot be Normal Summoned/Set. Must first be Special Summoned (from your hand) by Tributing 2 monsters, while you control "Toon World". Cannot attack the turn it is Special Summoned. You must pay 500 LP to declare an attack with this monster. If "Toon World" on the field is destroyed, destroy this card. Can attack your opponent directly, unless they control a Toon monster, in which case this card must target a Toon monster for its attacks.

and the script is

so i think you can use effects e4 and e5 and modify it to make what you wanted, i hope it be useful to you [:smile:]

local e5=Effect.CreateEffect(c)

function cxxx.imval1(e,c)
return not c:IsImmuneToEffect(e) or not c:IsType(e:GetHandler():GetType())
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Thanks for helps, but it still didnt work. Any else?

@[YOL]Edo9300 : please, can you make it as a Continous Effect? And how to make specific with monster card type? since c:GetType(TYPE_EFFECT) is also included the Fusion, Synchro etc that has an effect.