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Here is my current deck list right now:

Main Deck
(45 Cards)


1x Elemental HERO Avian
1x Elemental HERO Blazeman
1x Elemental HERO Bubbleman
1x Elemental HERO Ocean
3x Elemental HERO Shadow Mist
1x Elemental HERO Voltic
2x Elemental HERO Woodsman
1x Mathematician
1x Mystic Tomato
1x Summoner Monk

3x A Hero Lives
1x Dark Hole
1x E - Emergency Call
1x Foolish Burial
3x Form Change
2x Galaxy Cyclone
3x Mask Change
1x Mask Charge
3x Miracle Fusion
1x Parallel World Fusion
3x Polymerization

1x Bottomless Trap Hole
3x Call of the Haunted
1x Compulsory Evacuation Device
2x Fiendish Chain
1x Mirror Force
1x Solemn Warning
1x Torrential Tribute
Extra Deck
(14 Cards)


1x Elemental HERO Absolute Zero
1x Elemental HERO Core
1x Elemental HERO Nova Master
1x Elemental HERO The Shining
1x Masked HERO Acid
2x Masked HERO Anki
1x Masked HERO Dark Law
2x Masked HERO Dian
1x Masked HERO Divine Wind
1x Masked HERO Goka
1x Masked HERO Koga

1x Heroic Champion - Excalibur


Let me know what you all think and what I should add and maybe take out. Thanks!
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