clicking deck edit crashes the game now everything else is working. [:wall:] [:wall:] [:wall:] [:wall:] [:wall:] [:wall:] [:wall:] [:wall:]

edit never mind everything is crashing now every option.
Having the same issue, I would also like a solution as well
Yeah, it also happened to me when i was add new cards. I have more than 15000 cards, included custom (maybe its the problem), and when i click Deck Edit, the loading takes too much time, then crashes. It always back to normal when i opened the game again. It's not always happen, so i ignore them.
But someday, the game wont back to normal. I looks up at the font in the game was really different. Then, I open the system.conf and all values becomes zero. So i replace it with the original one (i have a backup), then the game works well.
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