Hello Guys Hello Gurlz =3
I'm Still learning how to make custom cards, and i wanted to try an anime card, unsatisfied by Orichalcos Deuteros, i made my own upgrade of the seal, "The Advanced Seal Of Orichalcos" , here is the artwork, the seal + some filters.

(I mistipped some part of the effects but the effect is corrected in the game)
If you like this card and you want to have it, just download it here ^^
You'll also need either Eps Card packer or Outlaw Card Manager (who has Card packer inside)

I hope you'll like it, good duels dude !
Thanks to Buttys and devpro team, i based this new seal on their seal of orichalcos card script.
I'll just re-word it now to get that nitpicky feeling out of my brain;
"Activate only by sending 1 "The Seal of Orichalcos" you control to the Graveyard. Monsters you control gain 500 ATK. When a monster you control is destroyed, you can banish it; gain life points equal to its ATK. You can Normal Summon 1 additional time each turn. This card cannot be destroyed by card effects, also, new Field Spell cards cannot be activated."

Though if I may, this seems rather OP, much like Orichalcos Deuteros and Tritos. Even so, this is good work. Keep it up and try out some more stuff too!
Thank you :D
You can change words by using outlaw card manager if needed :D
Yeah it's more op than the two other seals 😛