Ever heard of roleplaying? It's a text-based role-play usually on a forum divided into rules, the areas that can be traveled to and etc. things. Now, it can become boring to roleplay for some, even though you're able to create your own full on character and travel a vast world most of the time, the battle system can become dull, since it's only text. Well, in Paradox City you create your own duelist with an occupation of any listed on the forum, from students to cops to even criminals who all have specific trait boost! It even adds a trading system to the dueling! This Forum uses a battle system supported by YGOPRO AND Dueling Network. Come sign up now!! 
It's time for a bump on this topic, because this community is growing by the day. When this topic was opened, rouskei was the only player and admin, but now more players are joining daily. The first duel has already been played, and the roleplaying works out very well. This forum extends the fun that Yu-gi-oh already is to the world of roleplaying. Join us in dueling for the sake of good (or evil, but in both cases fun)!