TCG Single Elim Tournament
Hosted by Aire (Me)


2.Submit your decklist in .ydk format by pming Aire (Me) on YGOPro Percy Discord. Your deck is final and cannot change once the tournament starts. This includes side deck. You may re-submit deck up to 30 mins before the start of the tournament.

3.BOTH players must record replays of all rounds and the winner uploads all replays to me in Discord PMs. (Ex. Yugi vs Mai 2-1, Yugi vs Mai 2-0)

4.If no replay, then re-duel. If for any reason, a replay cannot be recorded, then pm me. I will spectate your duel live.

5.Each round during Single Elimination is 2 days. Rounds will be consecutive. I will announce on Discord when the round finishes. If you have not finished your duel, follow Konami’s EOMP (End of Match Procedure) (See end of post, FAQ)

Forbidden List: 4.2016 TCG

Allowed Cards: TCG

Format: Single Elimination

Begins: In 2 days (20:40 GMT+1 Sarajevo Time Zone ) (Check-in 30 mins before on Discord)

Duel Mode: Match

Location: USA Server, YGOPro Percy 

Make sure to be a good sport, and have fun!

17/7/2016 see ya there!