• Alup
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If I click into the extra deck and choose some of "Galaxy-Eyes" xyz monsters: for example I choose Galaxy-Eyes Full Armor Photon Dragon, now it will force me to summon it using Galaxy-Eyes Cipher Dragon as an overlay.

In that stage, I cannot use the right-click to cancel this summoning, this causes an impact to the game if I miss-click, so I want you to fix in this stage to allow me to cancel the summoning related with Galaxy-Eyes Cipher Dragon by using the right- click.

*Last test, I click at Galaxy-Eyes Dark Matter Dragon when I control Galaxy-Eyes Full Armor Photon Dragon: It force me to xyz summon and I cannot use the right-click to cancel it if I don't want to summon.

This can be fixed cuz it doesn't start a chain and opponent still not know that I want to summon these monsters or do something.

ygopro 1.033.7 V2 Percy