I don't know if it is in the right place but there is the problem.Yesterday I added cards from michael lawrence dee's archive and since then I have some problem.During my turn if i have quick-play spell cards in my hand i have to press activate on the card(but the card is not activated)if i want to switch to the next phase and that happense between all phases.Please help
Michael Lawrence Dee
I'm not sure this is connected with my packs. Can you specify what cards are having the issue or a replay of some sort?
Now this is how I play:
I don't know if it's connected too.It happens only in Lan duels when I duel with myself.After draw phase the hosting ygopro asks me to activate effect but there is no actualy effect that can be activated and when I press activate on any quickplay spell card it just switches to standby phase and I again have to press activate.But it didn't show up in replay.