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i read the tutorial but i dont understood very well

Great! Sure, I will help you however I can.

I am sorry to hear, that the tutorial didn't help you a lot, but I can understand why. It is not a trivial thing to do, and the tutorial is kinda convoluted and all over the place.

Which deck are you trying to code an AI for? Can you post a decklist? Do you have any previous coding experience? Do you know Lua or any other programming language?

Which part of the tutorial was troublesome for you to understand? Or just the entire thing from start to finish?

In any case, be prepared to sink a LOT of time and patience into scripting an AI for the deck. Feel free to hit me up on Discord, if you catch me on there. We have a scripting channel, some of the other people there can probably help you with some of your issues as well.

Good luck with your project. I hope, I will be able to release it as part of the standard AI decks at some point 🙂
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all of my cards are made but always i put my cards to test the standard AI of the game make some worng moves with my cards, well, i am a java programmer, but how i dont understant the functions of the automatic duel system becoms hard to apply lua concepts to make a perfect script, but i got done my card i wanna make a AI script for a custom deck.
if you send me your email i can send you my deck project then you can see how the deck works :)
Thanks for attention
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i read the tutorial but i dont understood very well

Hola, no soy un experto como Snarki, pero quizá pueda ayudarte un poco.

Hi, Iam not an expert like Snarki, but maybe I can help. 🙂