I do not know if this is a fix or not but I did not see anything related to the cards mentioned in the title within the update logs.

Before the update when I use the A wild monster appears spellcard to special summon my The Winged dragon of Ra Phoenix Mode in the field, after my opponents end phase when the A wild monster appears effect is finished the Winged dragon of ra Phoenix mode should go to the graveyard and Special summon the winged dragon of ra Sphere mode. But now it doesn't do that anymore. Is this meant to be or is it broken?

Thank you

Besides, when you use "A Wild Monster Appears" you cannot summon anymore the turn you used it. Meaning you should wait until opponent's end phase.
As such you cannot special summon sphere mode the turn you activated that spell card.
I'm not talking about the turn you used the spellcard. "DURING YOUR OPPONENTS END PHASE" which means when his end phase ends the phoenix goes to graveyard which doesn't covers the A wild monster appears effect which is only on your TURN you used the spellcard.
Phoenix Mode is mandatory, so it must activate at the end phase and send itself to the grave even if it can't summon anything.
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That is the problem, even if you have the Sphere in your Hand, Deck, or Graveyard the phoenix effect won't activate when used with A wild monster appears. Before the update it does but its effed up now lol . Even the phoenix effects activates itself even the sphere is banished.
The thing is that phoenix mode's effect activates the turn you used that spell card (which normally wouldn't happen before the update). As such you cannot special summon sphere mode even if you have it in your hand, deck, or graveyard.

The problem is whether it should activate it's effect when you cannot summon sphere mode.
I believe not.