Situation: I have 2 blue eyes white dragons on field plus a blue eyes spirit dragon. Opponent activates raigeki I chain Spirits eff to summon Azure Eyes. Azure eyes on summon should protect all dragons on field including itself thus negating raigeki. Raigeki works and still kills off dragons. Please fix?
Azures effect activates, so the Raigeki/Spirit Chain has to resolve first, then Azure can activate.
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Effects cannot activates mid-chain, if an effect trigger in the middle of the chain link it will activates during the next chain, in this case

CL1: Raigeki

CL2: Spirit Dragon

Resolve backward

CL 2 spirit dragon summon azure-eyes, azure-eyes effect trigger but cannot activate yet since there's is still chain link unresolved ->CL 1 Raigeki Resolves destroying monster that can be destroyed, chain resolves, New Chain, Azure-Eyes effect activates
Word, so im just being a scrub 😛 thanks guys.