This project has the objective of transforming YgoPro original cards to that style showed in the anime. It's a worldwide style, so there isn't any text to be translated in the cards.

It could be downloaded by visiting my page on DeviantArt website. Firstly, you must sign up on this website and then you could download them without any further problems. It's completely free. If you can give me some lhamas or Deviant points, I'll be very grateful [:thumbu:].

The cards will be released in the same order as the real Booster Sets from Yugioh Trading Card Game. I'm doing this project by myself, so it'll take me some time to do it. Please, be patient.


Below it follows an image to demonstrate my work.

Enjoy it.

YgoPro HD Anime Cards
Cards from Legacy of Darkness Booster
This looks cool, i may download this since i like the anime template. When you're done can't you join all files together and then let us download it completely? instead of 1 by 1..
Also, will you do this with the anime cards as well?
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