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i need some help to make this deck better

1x cyber Tutubon
1x Artifact MorallTach
1x Tethys
3x Star Seraph Scepter
3x Star Seraph Sovereignty
2x Manju Of the Thousand Hands

Ritual Monsters
1x Saffira The Queen of dragons
1x Cyber Angal Vishnu
2x Cyber Angel Dakini
1x Cyber Angel Idaten
1x Cyber Angel Nasateiya
1x Herald of Ultimateness
1x Herald of perfection
1x Radiant Divine Bird Vene

1x Fairy's Blessing
1x Dawn of the Herald
1x Oracle of the Herald
1x Primal Cry
1x Prep-Preparation of the rites
1x Preparation of the rites
1x Ritual Cage
1x Ritual Snactuary
1x Photon Lead
1x Machine algel absolute ritual

1x Safe Zone
1x Sandstorm mirror force
1x solemn notice
1x solemn warning
1x solemn wishes
1x half unbreak
1x wall of desruption
1x Imperial custom
1x call of the haunted
1x Curse of darkness

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I would focus on the cyber girls and take out the rest of the rituals.
That way you free deck space and increase consistency.
Also try running multiple copies of the same rituals as they can be used as easy ritual tributes and the cyber angel activate their effects when tributed from the hand or field.
Tethys is not fast enough to be useful, needing to be tribute summoned AND to survive one turn in order fo it to activate its effect. Try putting another manju of the ten thousand hands instead.
Since cyber girls and most of your deck are light faeries you can run Honest in your deck.
Also the following spells and traps can be left out as there are better options:
-solemn wishes: gaining life points is not as important as gaining card advantage, that's why hero decks are willing to lose half their life the 1st turn to summon dark law.
-half unbreak: protecting from battle is not very important anymore, since most of the time the opponent will destroy your monsters before attacking with effects. It also lasts only one turn and does not easily generate card advantage.
-wall of disruption: that card usually is enough to make the opponent lose one monster in battle and force him to end the battle phase, however we have more powerful cards like storming mirror force which instead clears all the opponent's monsters off the field and cancels their fusion/synchro/xyz, forcing them to find the material to resummon them.
-curse of darkness: it won't be dealing much damage to the opponent before they either get around it through monsters or destroy it with another card and it can't generate card advantage by itself so it won't be bothering the opponent too much.
Cards to consider:
-twin twister: with pendulum summoning that's becoming more and more of a staple, this card can single-handedly destroy them by killing their scales. It also acts well as clearer of backrow before you summon your rituals. I usually try to have 3 of it in most my decks as I want to draw it every battle, since there are always plenty of targets for it. The discard cost is not very heavy on you since you can use the monsters in your graveyard as ritual materials for the cyber angels so don't hesitate to discard monsters too.
-solemn strike: this card is also good enough to be run in multiples in most decks as it can really mess up the opponent's strategy for little cost.
-cyber petit angel: it's a mini-manju of the ten thousand hands for cyber angels, and is also useful for bringing out the lv6 and lv8 rituals by using it along with a lv4 or lv6 respectively.
Also an interesting archetype to splash in are the hieratic, as their effects also trigger when tributed for a ritual summon, granting you easy access to tuners for lv8 and 10 synchros or rank 6-8 xyz.
The best heratics for that would be tefnuit and eset with galaxy serpent as the tuner, or labradorite dragon for xyzs.
Labradorite also grants easy access to ultimaya tzolk'in and Leo, the keeper of the sacred tree, by using respectively a lv6 or a lv4 monster as the non-xyz.
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