This is a very Spell heavy deck that is very fast paced and fun to use. I've never had a dead draw with this deck, and can pull off insane combos to fill up your field with powerful monsters, with a few Royal Decree thrown in for some added support.

I recently got back into Yu-Gi-Oh! and was looking for a deck to build and the Gimmick Puppet's really caught my eye. Learning the new Yu-Gi-Oh! with the XYZ and Synchro's was a little tough but after trying out some different archetypes I've learnt a lot and this deck is by far one of my favorites! It's a work in progress, so any feedback would be great. I've been in a few duels with this deck, and it never seems to disappoint, so I wish everyone else as much luck as I've had with it!

2x Gimmick Puppet Nightmare
3x Gimmick Puppet - Magne Doll
3x Gimmick Puppet - Twilight Joker
3x Gimmick Puppet Dreary Doll
3x Machina Fortress
3x Gimmick Puppet Scissor Arms
3x Gearspring Spirit

1x One Day of Peace
3x Trade-In
3x Junk Puppet
3x Upstart Goblin
1x Dark World Dealings
1x Monster Reborn
1x Gimmick Puppet Ritual
3x Inferno Reckless Summon
1x Limiter Removal

2x Royal Decree
1x Dark Bribe

3x Number 88: Gimmick Puppet - Destiny Leo
3x Hieratic Sun Dragon Overlord of Heliopolis
3x Number 40: Gimmick Puppet of Strings
3x Number 15: Gimmick Puppet - Giant Killer
1x Number 107: Galaxy-Eyes Tachyon Dragon
2x Number 11: Big Eye

Now get out there and D-D-D-D-D-D-DUEL!!! [:laugh:]
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Mind I share my Gimmick Puppet Deck?

Download File here: 

There's 3 different Decks in that File.

One for: Solo Dueling, Tag Dueling, And for 1v2 Dueling!

Your deck is a bit weird. Try running 3 Fortress.
Twilight Joker is exactly like Dreary Doll, only in the hand. (Which in my opinion, is a dead draw.)
I don't see any use for Cyber Dragon.. Going for the bigger Xyz monsters is honestly better than going into a Chimeratech..

Change it up a bit.
Just a thought. I think it's better for other people to give each other advice.
Give me some feedback on what ya think.

This deck is mainly for drawing and discarding cards to special summon and it works realllly well. I switched it up a bit and put in 2 fortress and a big eye.. I'm going to keep dueling and switching it up until I feel comfortable with it.. but so far so good!

Also, twilight joker is good because;
it's a level 8 monster, which means I can use trade-in to discard it to draw 2 cards. I can discard it to special summon fortress or cannon. & I can discard it from my hand from Dark World Dealing's effect, making it effective in the graveyard to bring out dreary doll.
Please Jekehl make a ydk file on your deck so people are able to download and play with your deck fast and easy!![:wink:]
from all puppet deck i made..
for xyz material, for some reason i just like necro doll and magne doll..
the other seems bad..
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