Could the person/people in charge of scripting the banlist make some for iconic formats, such as Goat Control and DAD? I'm not sure how it would be scripted but if you can do this, I would recommend that cards are automatically banned form said format unless manually changed. This would reduce the need to change the banlist every time new cards come out. (Then again, I don't know if this is possible.)

Another suggestion I have is having a specific tag for Pre-Errata'd cards, and a check box enabling their use when a game is hosted (or a "TCG/OCG + Pre-Errata" section). Having them as Anime cards make sense but when I do want to play in previous formats, I don't want people claiming to play a deck in that format but use Anime cards.

The main reason I'm bringing this up is because most people who come to hosts where I say "Goat format ONLY" do not know that their deck does not apply to Goat format (because I have to host as N/A and Anime for the format and pre-errata'd cards).
Michael Lawrence Dee
I Some friend have requested Illegal and Video Game Categories so they are separated from Anime Cards. If this would be looked into ASAP, the Pre-Errata Cards would be placed into the Illegal part, hopefully.

Also, adding a new banlist unfortunately, isn't the solution...
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