In the card description, Nasateiya, when in the graveyard, can banish another Cyber Angel monster except Nasateiya to take control of a targetted opponent's monster and special summon itself in the field. It seems you can only banish another Nasateiya to make the graveyard effect work. It does not work when you want to use other Cyber Angels. Looks like the effect is the complete opposite of the description. 

I was able to activate the effect and the prompt to banish the other Nasateiya appeared. Wasn't able to screencap it working though since the AI negated it though.
Was Nasateiya properly summoned(in this case ritual summoned) beforehand?
The Mother Toast wrote:

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I couldn't remember, so I tested it again:

1. Properly summoned one Nasateiya into the field. Upon sending it to the graveyard, I was still able to activate its effect by banishing another Nasateiya in the graveyard.

2. I sent two Nasateiya in the graveyard from the hand. The effect was not triggered.

edit: I just noticed I posted this in the wrong forum. Sorry about that, mods!
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