I am trying to run a Don Thousand Numeron Boss Deck, but every time I place the Boss cards, the 3 monsters (1, 2 and 3) get deleted and I am only left with the field card, the traps, the token summoning spell and another spell. Why are the monster cards banishing?
Michael Lawrence Dee
This is bad, I'll recheck. I hope nobody modified them.
Now this is how I play:
I found it truly weird that such error had not been spotted before. The deck is still playable since the 4 tokens work wonders. Will you be able to fix it soon? It was working a few weeks ago.

Another bug I found is that "Magic Removal Virus Cannon" takes your LPs to 1 or 100 (iirc) but it does not say it does so in the card's text. Is it an unintended side effect? Or just a developers oversight that they forgot to write down?