I think almost close perfection.
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Just a couple of things I noticed:
1) why senju instead of manju? The other one is better in every way. Use senju only if you already have the other in deck and need more ways to search ritual monsters

2) White night dragon is odd choice, maybe you meant to use dragon spirit of white?

3) pre-preparation of rites only work for ritual spells that specyfically write the full name of the ritual monster in the text, so it can't search things like advanced ritual art or chaos form because those are generic ritual spells. It's kind of a letdown, but you need to use that searcher with cards like dawn of the herald, where it's written the actual name of the card in it...

4) Since you have so many lv8 monsters you might want to include trade in to have some draw power and get to the important cards faster (since chaos form allows you to banish cards from the grave you don't need to worry too much about what you're discarding)...