Hello guys. Well, I'm trying to build a Blue-eyes deck. The problem is that my creativity ran out. I have no idea what cards I should put in the deck. Could you guys please help me finish this deck?


Monsters (15)

Blue-eyes White Dragon x3

Red-eyes Darkness Metal Dragon x1

Blue-eyes Alternative White Dragon x3

Dragon Spirit of White x1

Maxx "C" x2

The White Stone of Ancients x3

The White Stone of Legend x1

Divine Dragon Lord Felgrand x1

Spells (17)

Return of the Dragon Lords x3

Trade-in x3

Cards of Consonance x3

Dragon Shrine x3

The Melody of Awakening Dragon x3

Twin Twister x2

Traps (0)

Extra Deck (13)

Azure-eyes Silver Dragon x2

Blue-eyes Spirit Dragon x2

Crystal Wing Syncro Dragon x1

Stardust Spark Dragon x1

Black Rose Moonlight Dragon x1

Galaxy Eyes Full Armor Photon Dragon x1

Number 62: Galaxy-Eyes Prime Photon Dragon x1

Number 46: Dragluon x1

Number 38: Hope Harbinger Dragon Titanic Galaxy x1

Alsei, the Sylvan High Protector x1
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I think you should most definetely add "Sage with eyes of blue", "Master with eyes of blue" -
they both let you summon a "blue-eyes" monster from deck (sage) or graveyard (master) if
you discard an effect monster you control !
For Spells all I can think of is "Dragon Ravine" and "Silver's Cry".
I see you have no traps and to be honest I can't really think of any that are suitable except staple ones.
Thing about Blue Eyes is it's a flexible archetype. with lots of different ways of building it or play-styles to work with. What you have so far is kind-of the barebones of Blue Eyes, a selection of cards that virtually all blue-eyes decks run. I can say, for most versions of the deck, running a full set of Dragon Shrine is unnecessary, and since you already have the Dragon-draw engine (Cards of Consonance+ white Stone, into Trade in + Blue eyes), Maxx "C" is redundant and will often end up a dead draw. Belive it or not, Even Red Eyes is unnecessary, With any variant of Blue-eyes you're already going to special summon so many times you don't need the extra boost from him. While he can be easily special summoned, he's weaker than Blue-Eyes, not a target for Melody, and doesn't play with your Extra Deck at all. No synergy = don't use.

I'll go over a few Variants of Blue-eyes, and you can pick whichever one you like best. It's really a matter of which suits your play style.

Sanctuary Of Blue
2x Maiden with Eyes of Blue
3x Sage with Eyes of Blue
2x Protector With Eyes of Blue
2x Sanctuary Of White
1x Burst Stream of Destruction

A syncro-heavy variant, This revolves around dropping multiple tuners and being able to special-summon at least one Blue-eyes every turn, from wherever you'd like. Santuary's nice if you can land it, but not required. It simply provides a means of triggering your Maiden every turn, while milling out a Blue-eyes from your deck. Both Sage and Protector Have abilities that let you target Maiden and get two blue-eyes on the field for one action. Sage lets your search for your tuners, Protector and Sanctuary both let you play two per turn, both of which makes going into Crystal Wing much easier. If you have longevity issues, Side in Master with Eyes of Blue, to help pull spent tuners back into play. Burst Stream of Destruction can be searched if Sanctuary is blown up, and who doesn't like a searchable Raigeki? Perhaps think about adding in another White Spirit Dragon for spell/trap problems.

Chaos Max
3x Manju of the Ten Thousand Hands
2x Blue-eyes chaos MAX
3x Chaos Form
1x BLS-Super Solider
1x book of Moon
2x Swords of Conceling Light

Ritual variants ask alot of Blue-eyes, but as you're probably aware, the Blue-eyes ritual can easily end the game outright, by itself. You need whatever ritual support you can get ahold of to earch out Chaos max and it's ritual, bearing in mind that Pre-Preparation of the Rites WILL NOT search out both of them, as Chaos Form doesn't specify a specific monster. The idea's simple, Use cards like Book of moon or Swords of Concealing light to force defense position (also negating any troublesome monster effects on the board), Use Chaos form to summon Chaos MAX (Remembering you can just banish a blue-eyes in the graveyard if your hand's empty), and run it over. Chaos form can also be used to ritual summon Super Solider, which has a similar effect as Chaos MAX, but hits Attack positions. Use whatever you like for the extra Deck, it frankly hardly matters in this variant and will usually be a backup in case the Ritual fails.

Ultimate Fusion
3x Neo Blue-eyes Ultimate Dragon
3x Blue-Eyes Twin-burst Dragon
2x First of the Dragons
1x Five-headed Dragon
1x King Dragun OR Blue-eyes Ultimate Dragon
2x Polymerzation
2x Dragon's Mirror
3x King of the Swamp
2x De-fusion

Blue-eyes Alternative Dragon's Name-change effect makes it much easier (as in possible) to pull off a usable Fusion build. The Key player here is actually Twin-burst. As a contact-fusion (doesn't need Poly) you can drop him as an option any time you have multiple blue-eyes out, or fuse him normally if you like. 3000 ATK and can attack twice, can't be destroyed in battle, and anything he doesn't run over he banishes instead. Easily one of the most under-appreciated cards in Blue-eye's arsenal. Neo Ultimate is Overkill incarnate, 4500 ATK is enough to run over everything but Utopia the Lightning and it offers built-in protection for himself and all other blue-eyes. Said protection is why you're running so many copies of blue-eyes fusions. Blue-eyes can fuse with either itself or White Spirit Dragon to make bringing out First of the Dragons (Who ignores card effects) easy, and FHD can run over anything the rest of your monsters can't. Considering the prevalence of Gem-knights and the growing popularity of Lunalights, De-fusion can be used either to get multiple monsters on your side of the field at once, or against your opponent to get rid of their single, most troublesome fusion.

2x Divine Dragon Lord Felgrand
1x Arcbrave Dragon
3x Paladin of Divine Dragon
3x Silent Swordsman
1x Silent Swordsman LV 7 OR 2x Silent Swordsman Lv 5
3x Silent Sword
1x Reinforcements of the Army
2x Field-Commander Rahz
3x Call of the Haunted

This one breaks the mold a bit, because I at least dropped alot of the Dragon-draw engine in favor of enhanced searching. You probably recognize how good Felgrand himself is, since you already slipped him in your initial draft, but the trick is in searching him or Blue-eyes with Paladin, having Paladin go away (Either rank 4 XYZs or Silent works equally well) and then special summoning him from the graveyard. Felgrand works like Azure-eyes, special summoning another dragon every time it kills something, and when it's special summoned from the graveyard it banishes your biggest problem and usually gets stronger, passing 3000 ATK. Arcbrave and White Spirit both bring on the spell and trap hate, and every dragon is searchable through Paladin, lessening the need for Dragon Shrines. The Silent Swordsman archetype presents an alternate win condition that I personally adore. The basic lv. 4 Swordsman can negate one spell a turn and gains 500 ATK every turn it lives, and can instantly become a 2500 beater with a single Silent Sword spell. If your opponent doesn't do something about it, it can easily cross 5500 to 6000 ATK in a few turns, turns that are ideally being hindered with it negating your opponent's critical spells. And when your opponent does something about it? Great, now you get to bring out a bigger version of it that's either straight-up immune to spells or negates all spells that ever get played. Add in warrior-support and Rank 4 XYZs and this can easily be the biggest pain in the neck your opponent never saw coming.

There's more variants out there, of course, my my post's probably long enough by now 🙂
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