At about turn 13-15 is where I noticed the issue, my Leadblow attacked his Avatar King and Rocket Pilder worked without a problem, but on the follow up turn he attacked Leadblow with his Avatar King and my Leadblow lost attack points even though Rocket Pilder says "when the equipped monster attacks".
I have looked at the conditions for Rocket Pilder and 2 other cards that say the equipped monster has to attack to show this is really bugged.

Rocket Pilder:
return Duel.GetAttacker()==e:GetHandler():GetEquipTarget()

Amazoness Heirloom:
return e:GetHandler():GetEquipTarget()==Duel.GetAttacker() and Duel.GetAttackTarget()

Assault Spirits:
local a=Duel.GetAttacker()
return a==e:GetHandler():GetEquipTarget()

And one extra replay of myself dueling to test Rocket Pilder

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