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This is a bug concerning the handling of optional effects, that occur during the End Phase in general, but I will use a specific example to explain.

On our field, there is a card, which has an effect that can be activated during the End Phase, lets use Bujin - Yamato . Our enemy uses Effect Veiler  on Yamato.

Now, in the actual game, this would have no effect at all. Effect Veiler's negation effect negates until the End Phase, and the player using Yamato can simply wait for Veiler's negation to end and then use Yamato's effect during that same end phase.

In YGOPro however, Effect Veiler's negation effect persists until the end of the end phase, so any optional monster effect triggering here is always negated, including Yamato's effect (this applies to some other cards as well, like Genex Neutron)
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You are right, it didn't use the latest update when I tested it. Sorry for wasting your time, it seems to work now.
I got my Yamato veilered and didn't worked the way it is supposed to.
Can you post a replay Shouziroku?