Hello, this time i want to share some stuff that i thought was irrelevant at the time, but with the recent update (bg animations) i think now it would be cool to bring back, with some misc. stuff that maybe help for future customizations.

If you want to use some .swf backgrounds for ygopro you need to follow the next steps: 
(I tried to make a direct convertion to .ogv but it whitout success)
2.- Now convert your .mp4 to .ogv (
3.- Just rename it and place it in the texture folder.

The NPC bg (like the duel academy and the tablet of the lost memories) look bad since they animated the field whith the backgruond, i recomend to use the files like "tournament_bg00".



What other things do you have extracted from YO3?
They are .png for models like the avatars and the duel disks, also pictures from the booster packs, i dont know if they are really that relevant to anybody.

Can you share the .ypk files to extrac those files?
Well, those files have almost the size of the setup of the game. I can share the links for the setup in the discord chat perhaps, or just send me a pm so i can provide you the source.

How can i extract those .ypk files?
Unlike the POC games from the PC these ypk files requires other tools to uncompress. Use Quickbms, just open that program, select the script "", then select your ypk file and the destination folder, just wait for few seconds and you will have access to the files. 

Do you have YGO2 Duel Evolution?
Unfortunately i dont have it, this game was launched in 2007 and it seems very unlikely to have some website with the setup of the game.

Theres a way to extract the bg animations and other stuff from the Tag Force games?
I dont know, but you can try to look in forums like gbatemp.

How about Duel Links?

Well im not familiar with android files, they are a quite mess to guess wheres the music, sound effects and voices. So we need to wait until an expert help us to get those files

Less important, what happened to your last account?

Well i forgot my pass, and never got the e-mail to change it :S