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1- (This one is more like a doubt): The Tribute Summon of a "True Draco"/"True Knight" monster by the effect of "True Draco Succession" is an additional summon? It seems to be, though the card doesn't say it...

2- ...and if I choose to Tribute Summon a level 5/6 monster by Succession's effect (sometimes Metatron too), I cannot tribute Succession (Edit: Not always)

3- Revival of the True King: If I choose to Special Summon a previously Tribute Summoned Metatron, it retains the effect that make it unaffected by the same type of cards tributed when Tribute Summoned (e.g. not gaining 300 ATK/DEF by Diagram's effect -Succession tributed last turn-)

Also, please watch this topic. It has nothing to do with these cards, but I think it needs to be checked:


Thank you "Berry Magician Girl" much [:tongue:]
"True Draco Succession" is worded like "Ultimate Offering" so it can be used even if you already Normal Summoned/Set that turn.
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True Draco Succession: Currently, you draw cards equal to the total amount of "True Draco/Knight" cards sent to the graveyard before activate that effect. You should draw cards equal to the total "number of True Draco/Knight" card types sent instead, for a max of 3 (I drew 4 once)