they wont be in my decks and if i search them they wont show up for a while
Cards in the [live2016]/[live] folder in [expansions] take a little longer to load normally. I believe it is because it checks online if there's been a live update and downloads it if necessary. Even if there hasn't been an update it still tries to check it. The cards that automatically appear are those that are written into the cards.cdb file or are directly in the [expansions] folder. Its for this same reason why if you enter the deck edit menu too quickly cards like "Allure of Darkness" are shown to be at 2 and some cards have their Japanese names.

I guess the load time might be computer dependent, but it shouldn't take that long.
maybe it is because the Internet connection is not good or you don't have a version update which is more suitable. Check it online as #rider has said for more information
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