Hey guys,

not sure if this topic has been answered before or already brought up,
so I thought I'd give it a try anyway.
So everyone is aware of the time limit in duels, regardless of what limit everyone has.

When a person runs out of time afew times in a match the duel ends because the person took
too long right? Which is good.

The down side I've realised, because I've been in duels and had my opponent lose out of time,
that there isn't an exit or anything so I've been stuck after a duel (after you save your duel record or whatever)
and having no exit button or whatever to get out (because the opponent is AFK)

Is there any way of getting out if this?
Besides having to exit the system and go back on, is just a drag.
Is there's a time out window? because if your opponent time out due to inactivity (and not lag) there should be a Victory Windows so you can save replay and exit, if there isnt any window after the time run out then its connection problem, the only way is to exit
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