1. I noticed that cards like attack guidance armor and mask of perplexity are still not working properly despite the update. But this time instead of doing nothing now they ask the player if they want to continue the battle in a replay and just lets them re-declare attack on opponent/opponent's monster. The part that confuses me is that why these cards aren't working yet a card like ancient lamp works just fine. Is it not ygopro's update's fault and just no one got around to fixing them yet?

2. I posted this before but was completely ignored so I felt I'd mention again. Shooting Star Dragon (anime) for some reason is able to negate cards such as dark hole and mirror force despite saying "if a card or effect is activated that targets and would destroy exactly 1 other card you control (and no other cards) "
Michael Lawrence Dee
Unfortunately, the update didn't exactly fix the attack target changing in a snap. We still have to update the parameters. Anyways, it will be fixed, not just sure when since we had a bigger issue with Fusion Procs.
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