This is my first time im even here and sorry if im in the wrong section. So i played a yang zing deck and one of the monsters got destroyed while a chain was happening and that monster was not a part of that chain. As a yang zing gets destroyed i can spec summon one from the deck but what happened as the chain ended, my card went to the graveyard and its effect never occured. There was nothing on the field to not let me special summon nor was anything negated it just went to the grave and nothing. Is this a game bug or am i missing something?
It sounds like your Yang Zing "missed timing". If a monster with an optional "When" effect, e.g. Yang Zing monsters ("When this card is destroyed by battle or card effect you can" is an optional "When" effect) meet their trigger but that is not the last thing to occur in a chain, you cannot activate their effect.

If a chain occurs and the Yang Zings destruction is not the last thing to happen in the chain, you cannot activate it as the effect says "when (something happens)" you can activate it; but something else just happened so you can no longer activate it as you don't meet the trigger.

If the Yang Zings destruction isn't the last thing to occur in the last resolving chain link, you cannot activate it, some cards like Interrupted Kaiju Slumber also make Yang Zing miss timing due to special summon of the Kaijus being the last thing to occur.
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