Sup folks , I lately searched about an active community about ygo.
In the past (2 years or so) I played in the TDOANE servers (I really don't know what happened to it) and I'm kinda missing the good old times , the community brought me in life.
I was used to an extra introduction section back then , but I guess the culture here is different xP.
Back then I was known as ''Vaas_Highwind'' (for people who might actually know me xD), but I guess I won't find the old members again :S.
HOWEVER, I made this introduction to maybe restart everything and begin to get in contact with new people here eh?
Fav deck: Infernity only since 2014 and I guess that's everything for now.
Can't wait to face you guys in a duel . See ya ^^
YGOpro Percy has been around for a few years.
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