Hello, I was dueling against the AI to try out a deck, and found that when I activated any cards to search/special summon/ use effects that require Dark Magician to be in play or the graveyard, they wouldn't activate. I assume this is the reason why. Some examples include not being able to search after special summoning Apprentice Illusion Magician or even activate Magician's Robe. I couldn't add Dark Magician to my hand after activating Dark Magic Circle, and I couldn't activate Dark Magic Attack with either Dark Magician or Magician of Black Illusion on the field.
Just tested in an online duel and it was the same. Also, Dark Magic Circle cannot add even spell cards that specify "Dark Magician." Anything I can do to fix this?
I'm also experiencing a problem with eternal soul where it's not summoning a dark magician from my hand. Now there's 8 "Dark Magician" cards with alternate artworks on YGO Pro, 6 of them have got the correct serial number (46986414), however the other 2 are showing a different serial number (36996508) and (46986417) so I can't help feeling it has something to do with this...
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