I've been using The Seal of Orichalcos for a few days now and I've noticed that it prevents me from special summoning anything when it's on the field. However, the card only says "you cannot Special Summon monsters from your extra deck." I first noticed this when I tried to special summon with Tour Guide's effect (special summon from my deck) and it also prevents you from activating ss trap cards like Metal Reflect Slime and Call of the Haunted.

I checked the rulings, but found nothing that says it prevents special summons other than those from the extra deck.

Turn 7 is where I had to quit because I was unable to special summon MRS or HAD, either of which might have allowed me to win the duel.
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broken seal.yrp (2kb) downloaded 4 time(s).

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This isn't a bug - your opponent Creature-Swapped Acid Golem into your control, meaning you cannot Special Summon any monsters at all.