I was playing against a monarch deck and he used Brain Control on a defense mode Number 41 Xyz on my field. Ran some tests after the game, this is what i found:
1) Defense position 41 can be targeted by brain control even though Xyz monsters cant be Normal Summoned/Set.
2)Glitch only seems to apply to number 41. Tested some other Xyz monsters as a control and Brain Control acted as normal.
Pretty sure this is a bug, but feel free to give me a good slap on the wrist if this is some obscure ruling I missed. Thanks.
Michael Lawrence Dee
Did you check if it's Brain Control (Pre-Errata)?
Now this is how I play:
Eerie Code
No need to, it was an actual bug. It should be fine now though, the patch has already been approved.
Idk is this right place to post this here but i notice Artifact Vajra[69304426] have small mistake in text. In one of line say: Destroy all cards in your Spell & Trap Zone.