Crash on start? Crash on deck edit? I can help fix that. Both are common issues for mac and can be fixed easy.

For crash on deck edit / in a match:
Cause of this is because of bad pictures. Sometimes, yet still unknown why, mac will auto update the images and once in a while, download a image halfway, causing it to crash.
You can ether:
--Search over 15000+ images (assuming you have most of them) and del the one that is bad.
--Del all images and have it auto download them all. (Risk causing issue again)

OR go the safe way and download all the images from a source and not auto update, allowing no bad images.
You can find all the images here 

Just download in zip form, unzip it in pictures and watch your mac be stable when building a deck.

Don't know how to unzip? Read this:

For crash on start:
Issue on why some people's mac version crash on start and others work fine is still not clear at this time. I was able to narrow it down to something with write permissions and with the help from percy, a patch was made. 
Just unzip in main ygopro folder (where you see deck edit folder, settings, etc..) and overwrite the app.

If that doesn't work, there is another way to launch it. It requires terminal use however. What is terminal? Read this:

To launch it this way, open terminal and put in the following command: (It will ask for password, which is normal.)

sudo open /Applications/ygopro/

Copy paste, put in password, and it should open the game with a terminal window on the side. If the terminal window is closed, it will close the game.
And yes, sadly if patch doesn't work for you but terminal does, you have to launch it like that every time until a fix is found and applied to main installer.

Known issues that cannot be fixed at this time:

Keeping mouse over a card while siding on mac will make copys of said card, even if limited, disallowing you to continue a match.

Any other issues, feel free to post in the discord for help, just note that I don't own a mac, I just help when I can with it. [:smile:]
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