This will be the archive for my custom archetypes. I love a classic beat-down deck, so most of my custom cards are not really effect cards that pops your opponent's cards. Also, I hate pendulum decks, so expect very few from me. Also, I'm not a huge fan of having a humongous amount of Extra monsters. So I tried not to go too crazy when it comes to Extra deck monsters.

This is my favorite deck i made so far. Both it's boss monster and mid-boss monster are very powerful in its own way. Both of them have a powerful effect that when it battles a monster, its effect is negated, even when it leaves the field. The strategy here is to mainly lock the banish zone because all of the DracoKnights doesn't banish, while many other decks do.
*note: the card text on the image are wrong. I'm just too lazy to change them. The real text will be in game.


Extra: Cyclone monsters. Their requirment for summon is straight forward. Cannot be Special Summon, except with own summoning procedures. Can be Cyclone Summon from graveyard. Cannot use pendulum/token monsters (too easy to spam). Summoning material must go to the graveyard.

Disclaimer: I don't own the cards image.

Download Link: DracoKnight Archetype 
Your cyclone summoning mechanic is very interesting and nice. That was a great idea [:thumbu:]
hey...this archetype is very amazing...i can hardly wait to see more archetype from you...

by the way...are you the one that made the omninja archetype?...
Thanks. sorry for the late reply. And yes, I'm the one who created the Omninja Archetype.