Hey guys & girls,

Several months ago I posted my Exodia Synchron decklist, I've improved and updated it. New decklist is below! Deck is mainly weak against trap-heavy oriented decks and anti-meta. There is a side-deck, it does compromise the speed of the main deck though.

Total (40)

Monsters (21)
1X Left Arm of the Forbidden One
1X Right Leg of the Forbidden One
1X Left Leg of the Forbidden One
1X Right Arm of the Forbidden One
2X Quickdraw Synchron
2X Junk Synchron
1X Exodia the Forbidden One
1X Level Eater
2X Jet Synchron
3X Tuningware
2X Jester Confit
1X Unknown Synchron
3X Darksea Rescue

Spells (19)
2X Dark Eruption
1X One For One
3X De-Synchro
2X Where Arf Thou?
1X Soul Charge
3X Machine Duplication
2X Iron Call
2X Magnet Circle LV2
3X Tuning

Extra Deck (15)
1X Road Warrior
1X Junk Archer
3X Coral Dragon
1X Stardust Charge Warrior
1X T.G. Hyper Librarian
1X Jet Warrior
2X Armory Arm
2X Tatsunoko
3X Formula Synchron

Side Deck (15)
3X Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit
1X Maxx ''C''
3X Effect Veiler
1X Raigeki
1X Book of Moon
3X Dimensional Barrier
3X Royal Decree

Jester Confit can help set up plays as he can always be special summoned. Dark Eruption can retrieve Exodia parts that where milled by Tuning or it can retrieve Darksea Rescue for Tatsunoko plays. Where Arf Thou? Is the most generic searcher in the deck, sets up Tuningware/Darksea plays or can retrieve you the last Exodia part. Iron Call & Magnet Circle are free Soul Charges for this deck, it's honestly a bit ridiculous.

Another important difference between this Synchron deck and others, is that this one is less relient on normal summons. The only monster you'll essentially be normal summoning is Junk Synchron. Due to this, the deck is extremely versatile and it is difficult to stop it once it's off.

There are numerous combos, I'll add some replays in the attachment so you can check it out!

Thanks for reading and enjoy the deck!
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