Here is a custom made version of the latest YGOPro Android v.1.5.2 (As of June 16, 2017)

This is a collection of "Some" Custom Made Archetypes of individuals who took their time to make this possible
As you open the app please wait on ai mode as I made some custom made decks to give more of a variety of possible opponents *(These decks may or may not work or have some cards missing which may result in a quicker duel or repetition)*

Here's the link and overwrite and place " & into this folder: android/obb/co.ygopro.ygoproandroid and overwrite any pre-existing file 

I would try to add and update more custom cards if u know any "missing" cards provide me the link with the .cdb, pics, and script and i would see if I can fit it in the game.
Hi VGames2000,
that is a nice idea, but I think your Headline is different from them, what you describe in your text:

1. Did your app really runs on an different server? It seems not, so it's only "Custom Made Cards".
2. These Custom Cards shouldn't work in the online mode, because of restrictions of the original server.

If there is an custom server, it will be nice, if you explain me, how you change that, so I can implement it in my project(look in my signature) too.

Otherwise I will warn you:
if you want to implement new Custom AI-Decks, did you know you need to write new instructions in the ai script itself? Otherwise you will get many malfunctions, I think.