This isn't about the banlist. I can happily report that my 3 Wind-Up Magicians are living together in my 1 deck and the deck is allowed on the server.

However, I've found that whenever I have 2 Wind-Up Magicians on the field at once, both "fresh" (never used the effect), if I activate another Wind-Up monster's effect (e.g., Rabbit banishing itself), only 1 of the Magicians will "trigger". I only get asked once if I would like to activate Wind-Up Magician's effect.

You can see it in the test duel I attached. On the last turn, I banish my Rabbit, and I get asked if I want to use Factory and if I want to use Magician, but I don't get asked if I want to use my *OTHER* Magician.
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double magician doesnt work.yrp (1kb) downloaded 2 time(s).

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From what I can research you should be able to activate both of them in a SEGOC.

This will be looked into and fixed soon.

Thanks for the report.