on turn 4,, Blue-Eyes Chaos MAX Dragon declares attack to a special summoned Performage Trick Clown with 0 def in defense position... double piercing effect of Blue-Eyes Chaos Max Dragon will give 8000 battle damage... using Power Wall,, you will send 16 cards from deck to graveyard [8000 battle damage divided by 500 battle damage per card]... but it only sends 8 cards [equals to 4000 battle damage]...
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gandora!!! max ft gren maju max vs blue-eyes chaos max with power wall bug.yrp (3kb) downloaded 0 time(s).

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Michael Lawrence Dee
May nagreport lang nito kahapon a... Pero at least tama pinostan mo.

Anyways, wala pang nakakahanap ng solution.


No one has found a solution yet... :V
Now this is how I play: