Hey there, I've got an idea about using Jack Wyvern in combination with Black Salvo. The effect of Jack Wyvern says, that he can remove himself and a Maschine-Type from the field to Special Summon a DARK monster from the grave. Cause he is a Level 4 DARK Maschine Type he can be special summoned with Black Salvo but get its effects negated.
As far as I know negates Black Salvo only the effect while his target is faceup on the field. If f.e. an effect of that target might trigger while hitting the grave, it came trough.
So my question: Due to banishing himself and in this case Black Salvo and then select a monster in the grave is a cost, can Jack Wyvern's effect be activated and come trough or is it negated by Salvo?

Greetz Ayties.
I have to disappoint you. Black Salvo negates the effect of Jack Wyvern as long as it is on the field. Well, you can activate Jack Wyvern's effect, but it will resolve like this:

1) Activate Jack Wyvern
2) Banish Jack Wyvern + another monster + target a monster in the graveyard
3) Jack Wyvern's effect is negated (due to Black Salvo)
4) You lost 2 monsters for nothing

Reason being, that Jack Wyvern activates while on the field, so it's effect resolves on the field even though it's not longer on the field. You can look at this Wikia entry for a similar ruling regarding Black Salvo and Exiled Force.

When a monster like "Exiled Force" is Special Summoned by "Debris Dragon"/"Black Salvo"/etc, if you activate the effect of "Exiled Force", then the effect will still be negated since it activated on the field, even though "Exiled Force" is no longer on the field.
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