As Subject stated, I would like to suggest that YGOPRO concept is actually possible for tablet or phone as of now we're going to touchscreen method to navigate. In addition, YGOPRO only needs pointer to navigate which currently using mouse or mousepad.

Is there any future development for Android and IOS Development for YGOPRO..... it would be wildfire if its attainable.

I already found several positive feedback at Percivels 18 blog comment for Android YGOPRO apps. :D

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Ariff malik

Edit : I guess it's not possible for android...... based on this forum discussion I get. The Wine actually only works for UNIX (IOS), Ubuntu and linux( low chance) not for android =_=

So sad..... Right now In Malaysia (my country) in trend of owning mobile phone android based...... 
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That would be really cool ^^, making YGOPro pocketable and even playable on the go.
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