So we're just brand new small local business in Ottawa selling Yu-gi-oh cards. Why? Because why not. I've liked Yu-gi-oh since its inception (Red-Eyes rules!), and I've always wanted to have a business. A decade or so later with my business motivator by my side, Transcend Cards is now born!

In addition to our ebay account, we also just launched our very own website! The website is supposed to have the same products as our ebay account, except for cheaper prices, which become noticeably considerably less expensive the bigger the order volume. Excuse the rather bare product line-up right now on the website and on ebay, it's rather time-consuming to get everything up to snuff atm, so please bear with us!

In addition to our new website, we're thinking of also starting a youtube channel as well, so be on the lookout for that! I'm mostly gonna be focused on the business side of Yugioh, so if that's your thing, we might be up your alley.

Also, we'll have actually new sealed products coming in the future! Within reason, it is our goal to sell them for literally the best prices around, so wait for them as well! Our current next order of products include the Kaiba & Yugi Collector Boxes, as well as the Legendary Dragon Decks!

Thanks for reading and hoping to do business again with you guys soon,

Transcend Cards 
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