I was just wondering what requirements there were if any for an ai deck to be included in the list of standard ai decks. I'm curious for both my Wattlock deck and a Six Samurai deck I saw on here a while back on the forum. Does anyone know how they pick them?
"All things in moderation" has to include moderation as well, right?
There are no specific requirements so far, besides the deck playing somewhat decently and mostly free of bugs. For now, I am in charge of the decks that make it into the standard lists. Just work on the deck as much as you see fit, I'll test it a couple of times, maybe ask you to fix some issues I find. Then, if you give me your permission, I'll add the deck, while properly crediting you for your work, of course.

It doesn't matter, how strong or meta-relevant the deck is, or how well it performs (to some degree, it should work on a very basic level at least). Many of the implemented AI decks are not particularly strong, they are not meant to be. Just like your Watts, they are made for nostalgia, or to highlight an old archetype/character.

If you are referring to the Six Samurai AI from this  post, that was way before we even implemented features for players to add their deck to the existing AI. It does not work with the current version of YGOPro anymore, and the author doesn't seem to be around anymore. If it would still work, and I had permission from the author, I would have added it a long time ago.
Thanks for the info, as always very helpful. That was the post I was talking about, it's too bad they're no longer around.

Anyway it would be really cool if the Watts could make it on the list someday. That just seems like great incentive to code more/better decks. Whenever you have time just let me know what you need from me. You have my permission to use them. Thanks again
"All things in moderation" has to include moderation as well, right?