I know I said I would start working on a goat control deck next, but I'm still trying to plan out how to code that one. Anyway here's a fun deck. Like the Watts, it's nowhere close to being ready for the meta but it's fun against older, less powerful decks.

Files necessary to use this:
AI_Slifer.ydk - this is the deck itself. put it in your decks folder
ai.lua - this is the main ai file. this goes in your ai folder. it should overwrite the one currently there (this file is
(compatible with my Watt deck ai file. they're identical actually)
slifer.lua - the script to tun this specific deck. it goes in the decks folder within the ai folder

KNOWN BUGS- I've been running into some problems with cards appearing to be in defense position but then having damage calculation being done as if they were in attack, but that's above my pay grade.

Anyway, if you find any bugs let me know and I'l do my best to fix them. Enjoy


I went and fixed a few issues I found on my own. the new slifer.lua file will have these changes
-no longer repositions cards in a nonsensical fasion
-dark hole activates when it makes better sense now

I also uncovered another known bug that's above my head as well:

KNOWN BUG- sometimes when slifer is selecting tributes i get an error message claiming invalid tributes (3 expected 3 received) and I can't seem to get around it. It mostly seems to happen when tokens are involved

Fixed the issue where the ai would tribute slifer for a shaddoll beast
File Attachment(s):
AI_Slifer.ydk (1kb) downloaded 29 time(s).
ai.lua (5kb) downloaded 22 time(s).
Slifer.lua (34kb) downloaded 11 time(s).

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"All things in moderation" has to include moderation as well, right?
Very busy atm, lots of work to do on the weekends, but I'll check it out as soom as possibleā„¢.

Don't worry too much about the superheavy clause monsters, the general AI can't handle them either. I'll address them at some point.
No worries, Snarky. Best of luck out there and no rush. I mostly made this one because some friends and I were trying to figure out a good use for Convulsion of Nature. It was mostly just a fun deck to build, kind of a thought experiment.
"All things in moderation" has to include moderation as well, right?
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