So it turned out the Trishula ban list was fake. Can the client remove the old changes and re-apply the new ban list. Would be much appreciated.

Official Banlist: 


Newly Forbidden: Burner, Dragon Ruler of Sparks/ Lightning, Dragon Ruler of Drafts/ Reactan, Dragon Ruler of Pebbles/ Stream, Dragon Ruler of Droplets/ Elemental Hero Stratos/ Number 16: Shock Master/ Card Destruction/ Gateway of the Six/ Heavy Storm/ Monster Reborn/ Pot of Averice/ Spellbook of Judgment/ Super Rejuvenation/ Solemn Judgment/ Ultimate Offering

Newly Limited: Atlantean Dragoons/ Brotherhood of the Fire Fist -- Spirit/ Deep Sea Diva/ Genex Ally Birdman/ Rescue Rabbit/ Thunder King Rai-Oh/ Evigishki Mind Augus/ Dewloren, Tiger of the Ice Barrier/ Constellar Ptolemy M7/ Dimensional Fissure/ Gold Sarcophagus/ Royal Tribute/ Bottomless Trap Hole/ Compulsory Evacuation Device/ Eradicator Epidemic Virus/ Macro Cosmos/ Soul Drain/ Torrential Tribute

Newly Semi-Limited: Mezuki/ Plaguespeader Zombie/ T.G. Striker/ Fire Formation -- Tenki/ Dimensional Prison

Newly Unlimited: Destiny Hero -- Malicious/ The Agent of Mystery -- Earth/ Tsukuyomi/ A Hero Lives/ Black Whirlwind/ E -- Emergency Call/ Hieratic Seal of Convocation/ Pot of Duality/ Scapegoat
It is not fake it is the Ocg ban list.

The Tcg one will be implemented later today. 
Yeah for the last time.. that list is not fake.

Here is a great article from Jason Grabher-Meyer about the lists: 
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