Welcome to the Nostalgia Yu-Gi-Oh! First GOAT format tournament! We will have a duel in goat format with double elimination. So who are defeated have a chance to become champion! The tournament will be started in monday in 12 am, central time USA.
1.Use april 2005 TCG banlist ONLY! Also you need to use pre-errata cards.
https://forum.yugiohcard...2005-goat-format-thread/  (Exarion Universe is allowed.)
3.Each round, participants will duel in 1 MATCH duel. Winner will proceed and losers will go to loser bracket. However, if you still lose in loser bracket, you will lose in the tourney.
https://discord.gg/dgXhqnd  [/b]
5.Each round will end in 24 hours. After each round, send replay to me or mods. We will adjust the score.
6.You need to send me decklist by dm me in server.
7.Attempt to cheating will cause you losing by default.
8.Read 1-7 carefully and have fun!


https://discord.gg/dgXhqnd [/b]

Thank you for your participation and good luck!