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I would like someone to explain me the ban tcg / ocg
I use a ninja deck and deck editor when I see it on tcg or ocg I do not have any banned paper ...
Instead in the online mode in duels where tcg / ocg mode is set it tells me I can not use cards ...
Does anyone know why?
post the decklist here in image format also whr were u playing checkmate server?

Current banlist is 2017.6.TCG and 2017.7.OCG
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no, server US (Is the only one where I find someone I can challenge)
the server checkmate me from this error: choose another server to use beta cards online
I also tried removing the cards that he was telling me but I got to take out all the ninja cards ...
This is my deck ...
By chance there is a file with updated bans since I downloaded the game maybe maybe it should be integrated with a new ban ...

goe goe the gallant ninja
masked ninja ebisu
ninja grandmaster hanzo
ninja grandmaster sasuke
senior silver ninja
twilight ninja jogen
twilight ninja kagen
twilight ninja nichirin, the chunin
twilight ninja shingetsu
twilight ninja shogun - getsuga

armor ninjitsu art of rust mist
magic cylinder
mirror force
ninja smoke ball
ninjitsu art of duplication

armor ninjitsu art of revival
book of moon
burden of the mighty
fuhma shuriken
mystical space typhoon
ninjitsu art of hazy duplication
ninjitsu art notebook

n°2 ninja shadow mosquito
n°12 crimson shadow armor ninja
blade armor ninja
First of all its not 40 cards deck Maybe u have multiples of copies of those cards which is equal to 40

Yes game is right you have [anime] only cards, you can't play anime cards with TCG/OCG banlist also Checkmate blocks u

becuz u have 2 Beta cards and when u try to play in Checkmate it will show invalid deck cuz checkmate has no anime


Goto Percy EU/USA host a game and change the allowed cards to anime from TCG/OCG also u can change the banlist to

Anime Banlist.

Make sure u have no Illegal Cards Goto Deck Edit and change the Banlist from 2017.6.TCG to

2017.7.Anime and check that ur deck is ok or not<-- This step is just for checking.
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