I think i post this topic for like 3 times and still get no respons from the YGOpro staff . The major problem i have with YGOpro is his login system . Anyone can be anyone and that's a problem . This platform is like trolls wet dream where you can change your name in a matter of seconds , and that leads me to my second problem with YGOpro : YOU CANT CHOOSE YOUR OPPONENT . In your host room you can choose only one opponent and only one , and you cant even see your spectators names . It will be much more efficient if in your host room you can actually see all your opponents names and duel with a person you actually know and not a troll . Don't get me wrong , i am not saying YGOpro staff is bad , oh no.. not by a long shot , all i am saying is that this are problems who are worth paying attention in order to have a better community . I know what i am asking is much but you know.. the hope die last i guess xD . Thank you for your time and have a nice day 🙂 .
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