Hello, fine peoples!

I was just curious on whether there have been any updates lately. The last thing on mine was a fix to the new insect queen, but that was a few days back and I know you guys generally fix stuff even if there isn't anything going on. If there have been updates since, I just would like to know since it's probably something with my computer/updater.

Thanks in advance!
Hi tinkerer !

I had quite a few updates in one go just yesterday.
Quite a few cards, and lots of new banlists !
Worth checking if you have the 2017.9 tcg banlist...

Other than that, if it's your updater, than I don't know how to
fix it, I'll leave that to more knowledgable people 😉
Good to know, thanks! If that's the case, I'll see if it updates, but if not, I'll try doing things manually.
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