Ojama's are a pretty off-meta deck theme, yet, when it works and you wipe the complete enemy board, just for these golden moments when you rekt someone with ojamas, i play them.

Monsters: (17)
2x Ojama Black*
2x Ojama Yellow*
2x Ojama Green*
3x Ojama Red
3x Ojama Blue
2x Pon-Poco the Raccoon Rascal
2x Baby-Raccoon Tantan
1x Valerifawn, mystical beast of the forest

*playing 2 of each as they can quickly brick your hand and with tri wight/ojamagic your searchability should be fine

Spells: (17)
2x Ojama Delta Hurricane!!
1x Polymerization
2x Ojamagic
1x Dark World Dealings
2x Tri Wight
1x the big march of animals
2x Solidarity
1x Ground Collapse
1x United we Stand
3x Ojama Country
1x Wave-Motion Cannon

Traps: (6)
3x Ojama Duo
2x Ojama Trio
1x Tyrant's Tyrade

1x Ojama King
3x Number 45: Crumble Logos
3x Sky Cavalry Centaurea
3x Number 64: Ronin Raccoon Sandayu
1x Gachi Gachi Gantetsu
1x Armored Kappa
2x Number 96: Dark Mist
1x Leo, the keeper of the sacred tree

So, to the strategy explanation:

Ojama's have multiple plans:
First, blocking the enemy monster zone completely to almost always safely disable him from summoning. Cards leading to this are Ojama Duo/Trio, Ground Collapse and the Ojama King. If you get trio and duo on the start hand and go first, the enemy is literally bricked as he can'T tribute them, and if he doesn't have crush-spells or rank2 xyz he is screwed. Also, when enemy is completely disabled, wave motion cannon is there to finish him and not let this become a deck out.

Second: Getting out 2 Number 64: Sandayus, as they next to each other can not be crushed or destroyed by battle, so pretty solid towers if the enemy can't banish you. Also, you can copy his beatsticks through the xyz effect, or get with Solidarity even stronger beatsticks (yes, he copy's the atk and adds 800, adding up with multiple sandayu-marks)

Third: The delta hurricane otk: This is pretty much your highest aim with this deck. you want to get out your trio with rather the help of ojama red, tri wight or ojama duo's second effect. Then you delta Hurricane his whole board, and then kill him with your beatsticks, created through following cards: Big March of Animals, United we Stand, Ojama Country, Number 64: sandayu, Solidarity

Other important cards explained:
Ojama Country
With an Ojama Monster on the field, the atk and def on every monster swap, allowing you to for example mess up Blue Eyes Chaos Max. Also with its active effect enables you to trade an ojama card on hand with one summoned from the grave. can with normal summ easily enable xyz.

Ojama Duo
Together with your Ojama Blue your most important search card: can together with one of the Ojama Trio on your hand an an delta hurricane lead to an easy wipe.

Gives you a free trio on the hand, when brought from the field/hand to grave. Can easily be combined with Ojama Country or Dark world's dealings. you only have to get a delta hurricane and a red ojama with ojama blue now: WINNING!

Ojama King
Not the most viable card but a solid beatstick with ojama country, can enable together with duo/ground collapse a bricked monster zone, and i don't like him to be forgotten :)

Number 64: Ronin Raccoon Sandayu
Your bread and butter, uncrushable tower with two of em, and a beatstick copycat which messes up many ''uncrushable'' boss monsters these days.

SO, thats it with my Ojama Guide, hope you enjoyed and managed to read it all [:smile:]

Tell me of your experiences with the Ojama Deck Theme and give me hints to improve my deck below

Teeje [:thumbu:]
What about link monsters? I might have missed it or didn't recognize it, but does it need them?